Police and Fire


For emergencies, always dial 911.  For State Police Dispatch, please call 603-863-5116.


Croydon is protected by Croydon Volunteer Fire and Rescue, located at 828 Route 10 in Croydon.  To contact, please call 603-863-6916.

For burn permits, please contact the Fire Warden.

Pistol Permit Application

Download and print the following application if you would like to acquire a pistol permit. The application may be handed in to the town clerk with a $10 fee provided in check (to Town of Croydon) or cash. Please note,  New Hampshire is a constitutional carry state, requiring no license to open carry or concealed carry a firearm in public. Concealed carry permits are still issued for purposes of reciprocity with other states.

Pistol Permit


Position Name Contact
Fire Warden Jason Rook 603-863-6916

Past Events

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