School Survey

Notice Posted January 15, 2022

We would like to solicit feedback of Croydon residents regarding two possible options related to the future of Croydon Village School (link at bottom).

Why Now

At the request of the Superintendent, the Sustainability Committee was created to assess options for dealing with an expected drop in enrollment set to occur in 2 years that will likely result in fewer than 20 students at Croydon Village School (i.e. higher cost per student). A number of options have been discussed, including either eliminating or adding grades to Croydon Village School.

Goal of the Survey

The intent of this survey is to better understand the feelings of the entire town, not just those that show up to regular meetings of the School Board and/or Sustainability Committee.  Findings of the survey will be presented at this year’s District Meeting in March, although it’s important to note there will not be any decisions being made regarding this subject.  It’s also important to note these are not the only two options that have been discussed – others will also be presented in March.

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