Croydon Town Wide Yard Sale August 28th & 29th

Notice Posted August 22, 2021

There will be a town wide yard Sale August 28th and 29th starting from 8 am each day. There will be “sign up sheets” available at town hall and Coniston’s store if you would like to list your residence as one that will be participating in the sale.

The Address List is as Follows:

Yard Sale Address List


  • 69 Cash Street : Curtis House
  • 199 Cash Street: Drew House
  • 243 Cash Street: Menard House
  • 304 Route 10: Blanchard House
  • 832 Route 10: Daltorio House
  • 879 Route 10: Historical Society
  • 10 Barton Road: Marko House
  • 62 Brighton Lane: Philibert House

Happy picking, everyone!